Terraria Community Team Application Form
Greetings all Terrarians,

The Terraria Discord server has grown to be one of the largest servers on Discord and we are looking for exceptional members of our community to add to the official Terraria Community Team. We have several branches of the Community Team currently accepting applications.

Read below for details on the various branches and feel free to apply to more than one:

Event Team - You will help create, organize, and run official Terraria events. This can include things like creative contests, movie nights, karaoke nights, Twitch viewing parties, celebrity and developer AMAs, PvP matches, IRL meetups, etc.

Developer Team - You will be tasked with creating effective tools that will be enjoyed by the Terraria community. This can include Discord bots, stat recording tools, reverse engineering APIs, creating macros with SikuliX, etc.

Translator Team - You will translate content such as updates, videos, memes, spoilers, announcements and other forms of content into non-English languages.

News Team - You will assist in creating a weekly Terraria news program, report on Terraria events, design news overlays, develop program segments, create content that will appear in the news, work on host scripts, assist in broadcasting via restream.io, create sound assets for the show, review content submissions, conduct interviews, etc.

Terraria University Team - You will work with a few well-known Terraria content creators on an educational series of videos that will cover core aspects of Terraria and teach new players how to play the game. Your tasks will include organizing content into videos, reviewing content for feedback, research & analysis, answering Terraria related questions, etc

Art Team - You will create art work that may be used for community merchandise, editorials, events, etc.

Writing Team - You will assist in writing or refining creative pieces used in forms, posts, editorials, updates, etc.

Lore Team - You will discuss official Lore with game officials. You will analyze and develop relevant ideas.

Social Media Team - You will manage and update content on Social Media Accounts. This includes official English and non-English social media hubs.

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