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Greetings all Terrarians,

We are currently accepting applications to join the Terraria Community Team. Terraria has one of the most active gaming communities online and we are looking for passionate members of the community who want to help with our Discord, Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, IOS, and Android social hubs. We have several branches of the Terraria Community Team currently accepting applications. Complete the application and if you are chosen we will send you a confirmation email to set up an interview via Discord.
Read below for details on the various Branches accepting applications and feel free to apply to more than one Branch:

Art Branch - Artists and art collectors in the Terraria community. Join this branch if you enjoy creating sprites, fan-art, memes, builds, merchandise, posters, apparel, toys, stickers, pins or drawing just about anything. Our art collectors maintain a repository of the best Terraria related content that we store for historical reasons or to translate and post in Terraria communities. The Art Branch assists with many Community Team goals by developing creative assets.

Developer Branch - Programmers in the Terraria community. Join this branch if you enjoy developing Discord bots, websites, macros, recording tools, games, mods, servers, or reverse engineering APIs. The Developer Branch has created some of the best Discord bots on the platform. We are constantly sharing advice and helping each other become the best coders we can be.

Event Branch - Event planners in the Terraria Community. Join this branch if you enjoy creating or managing Terraria events. We are currently hosting events every day of the year including user generated content submissions, AMAs with influencers/developers, karaoke nights, movie nights, IRL meetups, and so much more. If you love coming up with fun idea to keep the community entertained then this is a great branch for you.

Foreign Content Branch - Social media managers and Linguists in the Terraria Community. Join this branch if you are fluent in more than one language, you like to translate content into multiple languages or enjoy managing social media communities and posting content on social media. We are currently looking to develop social media accounts on every major platform and for every major language and translate everything from the Terraria lore to memes that get reposted in various Terraria communities. The Foreign Content Branch offers a big opportunity to help spread the Terraria community globally.

Lore Branch - Philosophers in the Terraria Community. Join this branch if you love discussing Terraria lore or interesting ideas related to Terraria. Some of the best lore minds in the Terraria community spend their days analyzing ideas in our various lore discussions. We are constantly looking at Terraria through the lens of diverse entertainment mediums to determine the best Terraria concepts that should be adapted beyond gaming. The Lore Branch has created a lore repository comprised of some of the best Terraria theory.

University Branch - Scholars in the Terraria Community. Join this branch if you want to help Terraria players expand their knowledge of the game. We are currently developing a series of educational Terraria videos geared to new and veteran players. This series will highlight the various topics related to Terraria. If you are an experienced Terraria player looking to help teach other players how to get the most out of Terraria then come help us make Terraria University a helpful resource for all Terrarians.

Writing Branch - Writers in the Terraria Community. Join this branch if you enjoy creating trivia, editorials, contests, and any Terraria related content. Our writers play a central role in many of our Community Team goals. Our writers develop ideas that help shape the Terraria Community. Terraria is constantly featured on some of the top gaming media and the Writing branch offers members a chance to get their thoughts to a broad audience. If you have an excellent way with words then bring your talent to the Writing Branch and help make the Terraria community a more sophisticated place.
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