Atlas Fellowship 2023 Nomination Form
Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone for the Atlas Fellowship! To learn more about the program, visit The Atlas Fellowship is accepting nominations for applications in 2023. Teachers, coaches, parents, and fellow students can fill out this form.

Please note nominees must be high school students (ages 14–19) and speak English. You can nominate multiple people by submitting the form multiple times.

For any questions (e.g., if you'd like to nominate a large number of people), please contact

Nomination process
1. You submit this form
2. You will receive a confirmation if the form has been successfully submitted
3. Repeat steps 1-2 to nominate more than one student
4. We automatically email your nominee(s), explaining that you nominated them and inviting them to apply

Your nominees will see your name in the email. Please contact us directly if you prefer otherwise.

Being nominated does not improve a candidate's chances of being selected.
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If you are eligible to apply to the Atlas Fellowship, submit an application, and are rejected, but someone you nominated is accepted around the same time, we will offer you a $200 referral bounty. This only applies if you were the first nominator of that person, and nominated them before they started an application. We do this to ensure applicants still have an incentive to recommend others. Please note that we do not offer any other nomination bounties anymore.
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