Po.et Development Labs Questionnaire
We're very excited that you've wanted to find out more about Po.et Development Labs!

Our goal is to bring together really promising projects that can see themselves leveraging Po.et in some way in the near future. For projects that are accepted, we're going to be making the team available to you to give additional support in integrating Po.et and access to resources that we've put together. Plus, you'll have the ability to give direct feedback that can shape the priorities of Po.et.

Here's a few questions about your project/company that we'd love to have you answer so we can get to you know you better and see if there could be a fit.

We're super early into defining what the Development Labs will become, so bear with us as we're still figuring things out on our end. Your project may not be the right fit today for us, but that's ok! We're just thrilled that you're reaching out and wanting to use Po.et somehow.

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What types of resources are you looking for the Development Labs to provide you?
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Are you able to devote dedicated technical resources to integrate with Po.et?
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