⚡Thunder Burner Camp 2019⚡
Totally psyched to join our fabulous camp ey? Fantastic! We make lightning for 3 years now....
But first, you need to fill out this form and let us know aaallll about your amazing skills and awesomeness. Maybe you have a good idea on how to participate? Maybe you know how to handle a cooking knife.. or a hammer... or an instrument... Or you like to share your martial art or acroyoga!
Together we make this camp greater then ever and thunder like never before <3
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Have you been to any Where the Sheep Sleep before?
How do you know the Thunder Burners?
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What is your favorite BM principle and please explain why :)
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Can you be there before (build) or after (strike) the event
What would you like to do
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Being a part of this camp means active volunteering, paying the camp fee and an ability to be radical inclusive and loving.
I will practice the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC
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