PCard Pre-Approval Form
SCBE no longer allows individuals to use the PCard without pre-approval. Complete this form to obtain pre-approval for use of the Center's PCard. All purchases requesting use of the PCard must to be approved BEFORE the transaction is made. You will receive a response within 3 business days.
Requestor's Name (First & Last Name) *
Requestor's Email Address *
Requestor's Phone (e.g. 650-555-1234) *
What is the funding source? (i.e. the PTA/Grant Name) *
WHO is the purchase for? Include their name, phone number and email address. *
WHAT will be purchased? Include details. For any food purchase, please indicate the number of attendees. *
WHEN does the purchase need to be completed? If there is a specific deadline (date/time), please include it here. *
WHERE will the item/service be purchased from? If there is a specific location (i.e. a website or physical store) please provide that information here. *
WHY do you need this purchase? (i.e. does it support the goals of a research project or your training?) *
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PCard Pre-Approval Acknowledgement
I understand that by using the SCBE Purchasing Card, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
1.) Use only for Stanford-related business
2.) Use only for authorized purchases
3.) Include a complete business purpose
4.) Keep card number confidential
5.) Misuse of card will result in loss of access.
Please agree or disagree to the statement above. *
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