Very Special Art Festival 2019 - Registration Form
Very Special Art Festival is open to all visual artists (age under 30) from novices to professional artists.
The festival includes many wonderful programs such as, an Art Contest, music performances, games & crafts, and more!

• Date (날짜): Saturday, September 21, 2019
• Time (시간): 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
• Place (장소): St. John’s University Queens Campus. Registration and activities are held at the D’Angelo Center

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I. Cars:
You must get a parking pass at Gate 1 to park your car on campus
- Visitor Parking is located through Gate 1 which is located on Utopia Pkwy and Kildare Road
- Parking is also available at the entrance of Gate 6 which is located on 170th street and Goethals Avenue

II. Buses
Gate 1
- Q30 and Q31 stop is also located on Utopia Pkwy and Kildare Road
Gate 5
- Q46 stop is located on Union Turnpike and 173rd street

III. To get to the D’Angelo center:
If entering from Gate 1
- Walk on St. John’s Way to the staircase, leading to the lower level of the campus
- Walk past the fountain and make a left at the end of St. Louise de Marillac Way on to University Road

If entering from Gate 5
- Walk up the staircase then make a right onto University Road

If entering from Gate 6
- Walk out of the parking lot and make a left on to University Road

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