Faith Matters Newsletter Survey
We at Redeemer Lutheran Church (RLC) would like to know more about how you receive and enjoy our Faith Matters Newsletter so we can better serve, inform, and educate you. When choosing the "other" on a question, please be specific when possible. This survey is anonymous, so please be honest and as thorough as you can be in your answers! Even if you receive this survey by email and standard mail or via another source, PLEASE only submit one survey. Thank you.
What is your relationship to Redeemer Lutheran Church?
Where do you live?
What kinds of stories would you like to see MORE of in the FMNL?
What kinds of stories would you like to see LESS of in the FMNL?
The in-depth articles and pastoral letters are easy to understand and resonate with me and my daily life.
The in-depth articles and pastoral letters offer practical wisdom to help me engage in RLC and in my community.
I enjoy in-depth articles about theology, culture, society, and current events.
I prefer shorter to-the-point articles to lengthier ones.
Is it important to you to read articles and updates about RLC's connected non-profit organization Redeemer Center for Life (RCFL) and Venture North Bike Walk Coffee?
Is it important to you to read articles and updates about RLC's partner organizations and how we're living out our mission in relationship to them and the community?
Not Important
Very Important
Do you hear from RLC Council leadership often enough?
Do you regularly read the FMNL in full, skim, or not at all?
Regarding the design/layout of the FMNL:
How often do you prefer to receive the FMNL?
What do you like MOST about the FMNL?
Your answer
What do you like LEAST about the FMNL?
Your answer
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about how we can make the Faith Matters Newsletter content (articles and stories) more relevant or accessible for you and your family?
Your answer
How long have you been reading the FMNL?
How do you receive RLC's monthly Faith Matters Newsletter? (FMNL)
How do you most often receive general information about RLC's events, services, and activities?
In general, do you think RLC communicates well with our community?
Not Well - Information is hard to find
Very Well - I always know where to look
What is your age bracket?
Marital Status
How many children do you have or care for full-time?
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