SHEN Softball Board Position Interest Form
If you are interested in submitting your name to the Board for an open Board position, please fill out the form below. Please note that by filling out the form there is no guarantee of a Board position, but your interest will be reviewed if an open position is available.
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Do you currently serve on any other Board of Directors related to SHEN sports or other Clubs? *
e.g. Secretary for Shen Field Hickey Booster Club, Treasurer for Miss Shen Softball, Vice President SHEN Girls LAX Booster Club, etc.
If you currently serve on another Board, state the Board name and in what capacity.
e.g. Shen Field Hockey as VP, Miss Shen as Treasurer, Clifton Park Baseball as President, etc.
Have you served on a Booster Club in the past? *
If you have previously served, state the Board and in what capacity?
Would you be willing to serve on the Board if your child does not make a SHEN Softball team? *
State a brief summary of how you feel you can contribute and why you should be selected as a candidate? *
What are your best strengths as it would relate to a Board position? *
Thank you for your interest in a Shen Softball Board position. If you are a selected candidate, you will be contacted by the Board. Being selected as a candidate does not guarantee a Board position. Please indicate that you understand these terms and conditions. *
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