Systems Changers - application for participants
Who are we looking for?

Systems Changers are people who have direct experience of working in front line services, who can see the ways in which the system that they are working in needs to change so it can work better for the people it’s trying to serve.

It might feel hard to know how your insights and experience could influence wider change but we hope the Systems Changers programme would help you to do that. All participants will finish the course with a much broader understanding of the system in which they operate and will have the tools and networks to start to realise change.

This year we are focussed on the South East of England and are on the look out for individuals working directly with people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, across a range of sectors: voluntary and statutory, who are:

Asking the difficult questions
Hungry to learn
Want to see the bigger picture
Good at constructive challenges

We are keen to have participants who are drawn from or working with diverse communities and those who are interested in the role of discrimination within systems.

Deadline for applications is May 31st.
Interviews will take place from the 14th - 16th June.
People will be notified whether they have a place on the programme on 20th June and the first residential will take place on 4th - 6th July. (If you are fasting or celebrating Eid in July, please do get in touch with us and we will be able to work around your plans.)

Your organisation will need to be committed to you taking part and to learning with you along the way. Your manager or CEO will need to fill in an application form alongside yours, you can find this at

What is involved in Systems Changers?

From July – December 2016, you would spend 3-4 days a month on the programme, exploring the systems in which you work, and actively sharing knowledge with the cohort as well as your organisation. It will be an opportunity to step back and consider alternative approaches to how the whole system might be re-designed to have a greater positive impact on people facing complex and multiple disadvantage.

The programme will include:

A residential at the start and end
Learning days to develop and refine your skills and give you new tools to use
Field trips to visit other organisations and meet other practitioners
Peer coaching and mentoring support
Talks and interactive sessions with leading experts across policy-making, service design including ethnography and systems mapping, procurement and funding, power and influencing, storytelling, and technology.
Opportunities for organisational learning and involvement

We've designed the programme to give the participants:

A space to reflect on their experience and insights
Ways to develop new skills and methods to have more impact
Opportunity to meet others who are also working on the frontline and to think about ways to influence the wider system
One to one coaching to support your development
Ways of including your organisation and colleagues in the programme

To reimburse participants’ organisations for the time they spend on the programme a £3,000 payment can be made direct or in kind to the wider team and organisation. We hope that there will also be broader benefits to organisations from participants involvement in Systems Changers.

This newspaper was created by last year's Systems Changers -

The organisation you work with.
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Your name and email address.
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Your role.
Your answer
Draw a diagram of, or describe in writing, the bigger system that you are working in. Feel free to add notes to the diagram and/or write a separate explanation. We will not be judging your art skills!
Please send us a photo of your visual via email to - clearly labelled with your name.
Your answer
What do you think needs to change in this system and why?
Your answer
Describe a person or a situation you believe holds insight or learning that could be used to inform how the system needs to change. Tell us about the person/situation.
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Why do you want to come on the programme?
Your answer
We want this experience to be empowering for you. How will you make sure you are supported/ your job is supported to give you the space to do this?
Your answer
Can you describe a time at work when you could see something wasn’t working. What were you able to do about it?
Your answer
Reflecting back on your application, what new skills, knowledge and support would you need to start changing the system? Be as honest as possible, we’re looking for people who are aware of the areas they need help developing.
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You also need to get your manager or CEO to fill in an application form here:
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