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Listen Include Respect is joint project of Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International to create guidelines for the meaningful participation of people with intellectual disabilities in the work of organizations.

The Listen Include Respect guidelines cover topics including how to run inclusive meetings, how to support employees with intellectual disabilities, how to develop accessible information, and how to deliver inclusive consultations, among others.

The goal of these guidelines is that they are practical and provide a series of checklists and useful tools for organizations.

Your feedback on the usability and content of the draft website will help us ensure that the guidelines are as practical as possible for organizations, and will help guide the development of training modules - thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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What type of organization are you? Please select all that apply.
How easy are the website menus to navigate? *
Are you able to easily find the checklists or information you are looking for?
It is very DIFFICULT to find what I am looking for.
It is very EASY to find what I am looking for.
What would make the website easier to navigate?
Is there anything we could do to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for?
As a user of the guidelines, which resources would it be important to be able to download and use offline? *
Currently, the checklists are not downloadable (this is to manage version control as the guidelines will be updated regularly) but the templates and example resources are available to download. Does this model work for users?
How useful are the checklists to organizations? Are they practical enough? *
Too theoretical, more practical or clearer guidance is needed for organizations.
Very practical, it is clear each step an organization needs to take to make their work more inclusive.
Looking at the "checklist" section of the website, are there any important topics that your organization would like to see a checklist to be added for?
The website covers inclusive meetings, hiring, focus groups, publications, communications, and more. Are we missing any key topics?
Who within your organization might these guidelines be useful for? *
Examples include your events team, project managers, direct support professionals, communications staff, etc. Who in your organization would want to use these?
After looking at the guidelines, are there any areas where you anticipate your organization would need to come to Inclusion International or Down Syndrome International to get more support? *
Training modules will be developed based on the guidelines for a deeper dive into making organizations more inclusive. What training topics should be prioritized for creating and releasing modules during 2022? *
Do you have any other feedback to share about the Listen Include Respect guidelines?
We may want to get in touch with you to clarify your comments or ask for additional feedback on your experience using the website. If you are comfortable with us reaching out (or if you would like to be notified when your feedback has been actioned), please share your email address:
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