Legislator, I Want Climate Action NOW!
Contact your legislators NOW and tell them you want a carbon tax before June 30th.

Currently, the Washington State legislature is facing a court mandate to raise money for education and is in the second special (overtime) session arguing over what taxes to increase. They have to pass a budget by June 30th or government agencies and parks start shutting down, so the question is what tax are they going to increase?

Your legislator is particularly important to that discussion and needs to hear from you!

While most taxes reduce things we want more of like income, and property owners, there is one beneficial tax option on the table; the carbon tax. Multiple carbon tax bills have been proposed this session which will reduce pollution, encourage clean energy, and fund education. We need constituent pressure on legislators right NOW to increase the chances for the carbon tax being part of the final deal.

NOW is the time to take a few minutes to leave a message with your legislator's office, including your address, asking for a carbon tax to be part of the final deal. Tell them why you support taxing carbon. Legislators and their aids absolutely listen to unique constituency advocacy.

Thanks for being part of the solution, and please alert ACT NOW (Advocates for a Carbon Tax NOW) what district you are contacting.

Find your legislators phone number here:

Find your district and legislator here:

Read our tips for calling your legislators:

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