World Scavenger Hunt!
"Do yourselves a favour. Before it is too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can"

...or if you are too lazy to do that, play the World Scavenger Hunt!

Before you get started, here are a couple to really, really, *really* important rules you must keep in mind (because they can help you through the hunt too!) :

Rule 1: Read the rules thoroughly.
Rule 2: If any of the rules are ever suspended, you shall be duly informed.
Rule 3: You get as many tries as you want for each question - but this is multiple choice based. Anyway, after every wrong try, you will be shown the hint of for question. Each question has exactly one hint.
Rule 4: Answer is the name of a place.
Rule 5: No place will ever be in 2 consecutive answers.
Rule 6: The places need not necessarily exist in the present world.
Rule 7: You are going to need the hints!
Rule 7: Note, this Scavenger Hunt is not based on any single "theme" like geography or literature or movies or music. Actually, it's a bit of everything... ;) But it is all still all VERY disjointed, and quite unlike a typical scavenger hunt, so beware.

This would be the end of the rules. Now...

"Ahoy, captain!"

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