VUSD Open Enrollment or Transfer Application
Thank you for your interest in the Vail School District. The Vail Unified School District accepts applications from VUSD parents wishing to have their child attend a Vail school outside of their home school attendance boundary area (Transfer Application*) and for parents from neighboring school districts, living outside of the VUSD district wishing to have their child considered for enrollment in a VUSD school (Open Enrollment Application).

*Vail Academy and High School
VUSD families who currently live in the VUSD boundary who would like their child to attend Vail Academy and High School do not have to complete a Transfer Application, please visit to complete and submit the VAHS Interest Form directly to VAHS. VAHS does not have traditional attendance boundaries. Families who are interested in VAHS and reside outside of the VUSD boundary are required and welcome to complete the open enrollment application below. Help/questions, please email or call Pam Scanlon at 520-879-3982.

2019-2020 School Year -- VUSD will accept online applications between December 1, 2018 through April 1, 2019 (Priority Deadline), one per child each year. Schools in the district will continue to accept and make admissions decisions on applications after the April 1, 2019 Priority Deadline based on the availability of enrollment space.

Application Procedure:

1. Submit one complete online application per student (Your application will not be considered until all documentation is submit). Enrollment is not guaranteed from year to year; a new application must be submitted annually for acceptance. PLEASE NOTE: A SEPARATE APPLICATION FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR EACH CHILD.

2. Wait for notification (Accepted, Waitlist or Denied). First, each school will review first choice school selections and make admissions decisions, if families are not admitted for their 1st choice they will be reviewed for their 2nd and 3rd choice if needed, and admissions decisions will be communicated shortly thereafter.

3. Complete school registration if accepted. The district shall notify the parent/legal guardian in writing no later than May 1st for Elementary and Middle School and June 1st for High School whether the applicant has been accepted, placed on a waiting list pending the availability of space, or denied.

Enrollment Priorities:

Applications will be reviewed and approved based on available capacity at both the school and grade levels. Should available capacity exist, students will be admitted to a school in the Vail School District based upon the following priorities:

1. Students who are residents of the District and who were enrolled in the school the previous year and any sibling who would be enrolled concurrently with such student.

2. Students who are residents of the District but were not enrolled in the school the previous year wishing to attend a District school outside of their home school attendance boundary area.

3. Students who are not residents of the District (neighboring Districts) who were enrolled in the school the previous year and any sibling who would be enrolled concurrently with such student.

4. Students who are not residents of the District and who were not enrolled in the school the previous year.

Admission Standards:

Other than students from the home school attendance area, students will only be admitted if the following conditions are met:

1. The school in which a student wishes to attend, must have space for them beyond the space needed for students who live in the designated attendance boundary.

2. A student who has been expelled by any school district who is not in compliance with a condition of disciplinary action imposed by any other school or school district or with a condition imposed by the juvenile court shall not be admitted.

3. Acceptance for enrollment may be revoked if any false or misleading information is provided.

4. Acceptance for enrollment may also be revoked for excessive tardies, truancies, absences, and/or failing to abide by the Vail School District ACT statement.

**In District High School Transfers by Semester** - Current VUSD HS Students Only

The deadline to submit HS to HS transfers is 1 month prior to the start of the new semester. Requests to transfer to another high school once the school year begins can be submitted at any time, but will not be processed until the end of the current semester. At the end of each semester, the district will review current enrollment and determine if space is available to accommodate transfers the following semester. After an In-District HS to HS transfer request is approved, a yearly application does not need to be completed.

Current HS Athletes: Please note, there are some Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) restrictions on high school students participating in AIA sports/activities who transfer from one HS to another HS. Email, if you have questions related to this issue.

Important Information

Depending on answers to the questions in the application, the following supporting documents may be required to send via email to (supporting documentation is required only if your student is NOT currently enrolled in the VUSD): special education documentation (IEP, 504, MET, Chronic Health Plan), an unofficial high school transcript for incoming grades 10-12 and an unofficial report card for incoming grades K-9.

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PLEASE NOTE: a separate application must be submitted for each student.

The online application cannot be saved and completed and submitted at a later date.

* - indicates a required field in the application

After clicking the "Submit" button at the end of the application, you will receive an email confirmation.

Help/questions, please email or call Pam Scanlon at 520-879-3982.

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