Social Justice & Environmental Justice :        A Common Struggle !
A United Front Declaration to Fight the Crisis

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We are among the many who understand that this situation is a global crisis with profound
implications. This is a sanitary and pandemic crisis which according to certain economists
has transformed itself into a financial and economic crisis that will surpass the 2008 crisis
and may also surpass the crisis of the 1930’s. This crisis must be placed in a new historical
context that threatens human existence, beyond the risks presented by the COVID-19. In
reality these risks are present at different levels of human society. With the consequences
of climate change and the destruction of our biodiversity, we have already surpassed the
levels of sustainability on our planet.

Coupled with the growing inequalities between rich and poor, we are also a witness to how
the world population is victim of the extreme misery provoked by a capitalist/imperialist
system that has destroyed and exploited the lands populated by the oppressed peoples of
the world.

We are preoccupied by the social and economic impact of the pandemic. We already know
that an important portion of the population will be affected by the rise of poverty due to
loss of jobs and by physical and psychological consequences due to this health crisis.

If this economic model does not change, we know we will have to struggle against more
austerity, with the loss of public services and our social safety net, budgetary cuts in health
and in education. We are already living with 40 years of neo-liberal consequences. We
must not let the financial markets dictate our future.

The situation is clear; the free market system is incapable of distributing the riches to the
working class, produced by us. The stock markets show large profit margins, yet inequality
and poverty continue to affect the population, The capitalist system is in crisis, even though
it continues to peddle the capitalist utopia of economic growth, to the point that it has
endangered our ecosystems.

Our political elites continue to live in complete denial and inactivity. Despite citizens’
protests, despite calls for action, despite all the catastrophes that are evolving before us,
despite the alarming reports by the scientific community on the loss of our biodiversity, our
political elites continue to close their eyes. Questions must be asked: Where is the sense of
urgency? Where are the real plans for a transformation towards an economy, which will
serve the needs of the citizens?

According to Antonio Gramsci, “The old is dying, however the new has not yet been born ”
(Prison Letters) : This is the reason why we believe that it has become urgent to create a
new social, ecological and economic vision based on radical reforms guided by profound
humanism to satisfy the collective needs.

We are committed to struggle for necessary change and to uphold reflections and
propositions towards change emanating from civil society organizations such as unions,
community groups, activists and progressives who uphold a respective vision on the
environment, that support social and fiscal justice. We have to rethink our relationship
with consumerism, work, education, health, housing and agriculture. Social transformation
is not imposed, it is constructed.

Because we know that the necessary changes and transformations are radical, systemic and
essential in order to rethink a new world. We demand a new and open conversation on the
need for a true and open democracy.

We will succeed with courage and determination. We owe it to our children and future
generations of workers.

Social Justice, Environmental Justice
A Common Struggle

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