TEDxOakLawn 2019 Speaker Application
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE BEGINNING THE APPLICATION: Thank you for showing interest to be a speaker at TEDxOakLawn 2019! We are so humbled and excited that you decided to apply. TEDxOakLawn is an independently licensed, official TEDx event that premiered in March 2018. The 2019 event will be held on May 19, 2019 at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Last year, we had 12 diverse and incredible speakers at a sold out show, around the theme of "Tabula Rasa" or blank slate. Feel free to check out the videos on the TEDx Talks channel on YouTube, by searching TEDxOakLawn on their subscription page. This year we want to make the event, even better by bringing together speakers from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and stories. The theme this year is "Aperion" which is Greek for "To Infinity."

For more information visit our website at www.tedxoaklawn.com, follow us on Instagram (@tedxoaklawn), Twitter (@tedxoaklawn), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tedxoaklawn2018/).

Our application rules, regulations, and processes are as follows:

a) All applicants are required to submit this form, completely filled out, by November 20th, 2018, 8 PM EST. Applicants who pass this round, will be invited to a google hangout or similar, face-to-face, interview.

b) The applicants will be notified, if they are officially offered the spot to be a speaker at TEDxOakLawn 2019, by December 20th, 2018, after finishing the above mentioned face-to-face interview round.

b) Please note that neither TED nor TEDx is responsible for this application process. The decisions are made solely by the TEDxOakLawn team alone. Everything pertaining to TEDxOakLawn is handled by the TEDxOakLawn team. If the applicant has any questions, please email, tedxoaklawn@gmail.com.

c) Furthermore, we do not offer any payment, travel reimbursements, or any sort of compensation, if chosen to speak. If chosen, the applicant's decision to speak is completely voluntary, a personal decision, and out of good will. TED, TEDx, or TEDxOakLawn is not responsible for any monetary or non-monetary expenses incurred by the applicant.

d) All questions are mandatory. The last three questions are to be sent in VIDEO format. Please submit unlisted YouTube links as the answers. The applicant must submit separate videos pertaining to each question. We do not accept one video for all 3 answers. The videos must be of very good audio and picture quality (videos recorded from smart phones are acceptable, provided they are of good quality).

e) The videos will be used to judge the applicant's poise, speaking ability, communication skills, creativity, intellect, innovation, interaction capabilities, and of course the idea and its content!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at tedxoaklawn@gmail.com. Rest assured that these videos will only be used by the TEDxOakLawn team to assess your application and will be deleted, as soon as decisions are made and sent out to the appropriate candidates.

Good luck and we look forward to viewing your applications!

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