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Help your Special Someone take the plunge and finally learn to ride a bicycle. Give them a Gift Certificate for a VB Learn-to-Ride private lesson.

When you buy a Gift Certificate:
• You’ll receive a PDF of the certificate that you can print and use for giving
• You choose the specifics that affect cost, such as length of lesson
• We’ll contact your lucky recipient directly to plan their lesson
• Gift Certificates are fully refundable::

Use this form to get things rolling! The information will be used to:
• Determine the fees and send you an invoice,
• Fill in the blanks on the certificate,
• Learn a little about the student,
• Contact the student to plan the lesson (after you've presented the certificate, not before!)

Thank you for trusting Virtuous Bicycle!
Gift Certificates for Private Bike Lessons with Virtuous Bicycle
You - the person giving the certificate
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Student's Name *
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Student's Height
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Student's Gender *
Student's Age *
Sorry kids - VB offers lessons only for adults and mature teens
Tell us about the student / recipient *
Biking history (previous attempts to learn), other sports or exercise activities, special concerns.
For the GIFT CERTIFICATE Blanks...
The Certificate is TO: *
To: "Elaine", or "Uncle Joe", or "Mr Imbert"
The Certificate is FROM: *
From: "Mom and Dad", or From: "Tyree"
Is there a special occasion or Holiday? *
We'll select graphics for the occasion: "Christmas", "Graduation", "Birthday", or "So we can ride in Vermont" - Just let us know
Is there a special DATE you'd like to enter on the Certificate? *
A Birthday, or Father's Day, or Graduation etc
Pricing and Options
2019 prices are listed at (Private Biking Lessons, then Rates & Info)
Standard (2 hours) or Extended Lesson (3 hours) *
An Extended Lesson offers extra time for extra progress. An EL is good option for a fit student who can work for 3 hours, or a cautious student who'll appreciate some extra time. (If for any reason, an Extended Lesson turns out to be a poor fit for a your recipient, the EL fee will be quietly returned to the giver.)
Follow-ups and Mini-Series *
Many students find the lessons valuable and fun, and quickly book follow-up lessons. Do you want your gift to go all the way? Check here and we'll discuss your options.
That's it! *
We will review your Gift Certificate order and if there are no questions, you'll receive a PayPal invoice for the options you've selected. Please allow 48 hours. After receiving your payment, we'll send a PDF of the Certificate to you, the giver. Let us know after you've presented the gift, and we'll send the student a Welcome email and begin to plan their lesson. - Sound good?
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