Wait List - Niles Extended School Community/Niles Homeschool Partnership - Spring and/or Fall 2019 Semester
By completing this form, your students will be placed on a wait list for a limited number of spots in the Niles Extended School Community/Niles Homeschool Partnership.

The number of spots will be extremely limited in Spring 2019 because we are only able to accept students who are replacing students who have transferred out.

For Fall 2019, there will be approximately 70-100 spots available for new students; the exact number will be dependent on the number of returning students and their course loads.

Because of the limited number of spots in our program, we do encourage you to contact other school districts with Partnerships to expand your options.

Wait List Questionnaire
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Parent's email address. This should be an email address that is regularly checked. This will be the email address to which your invitation to join will be sent. If there is a spot available, we typically will give you a few days to respond before proceeding to the next name on the list. *
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Number of students you would like to have placed on the wait list (students must be age 5 by 9/1/2018 to participate in Spring 2019, or 5 by 9/1/2019 to participate in Fall 2019): *
When spots in the program do become available, do you still wish to participate if we do not have spots for all of your students? *
Will you have any high school students taking dual enrollment/college courses during Spring 2019 and/or during the next school year? *
I understand that I will be contacted at the email address and/or phone number given above when there are further details concerning my student's spot on the wait list. If a spot becomes available, I understand that I may only have a few days from the time of that communication to express interest in participating, before staff members move on to the next name on the wait list. Once a student is invited to participate, I also understand that I will have about two weeks to complete the enrollment process--otherwise, I may lose my student's spot in the program.
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