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You can use this sign-up if you want to book a blog tour for your book with Lola's Blog Tours. Lola's Blog Tours organizes blog tours, cover reveals, book blitzes, book blitzes deluxe, bookstagram blitzes and review opportunities. If you fill out this form I'll do my best to send you an e-mail within 48 hours.

You can read about what each type of tour entails and what to expect from touring with Lola's Blog Tours on my services page:

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Blog Tours are a tour with excerpt, promo only, reviews, guest post, top ten list and interviews stops. Book Blitzes Deluxe have excerpt, promo only and review stops. Bookstagram Blitzes focus on social media and everyone receives a free copy of your book, reviewing is encouraged but optional. Book Blitzes have promo and excerpt stops only. Cover Reveals are a one day event to reveal the cover for your book. Review opportunities are a way to get more reviews for your book, these aren't a tour and often have no deadline before when reviews are due. You can pay extra if you want a longer tour or other add-on for your tour.
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If you're booking a blog tour, book blitz, book blitz deluxe, bookstagram blitz or cover reveal, please let me know if one of your books is free or cheap during the tour so I can mention that in the media kit and tweets during the tour. If you have physical or audio copies available of your book for reviewers, please let me know too.
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