ADA 2022 complaint form
If you think that an error has occurred in grading your deliverable, you may fill this form. Note that in case of team-based deliverables only one person per team needs to fill this form. We will then re-grade your entire deliverable, independently of the previous grading. The re-grading assistant will not know the number of credits you previously obtained, so the re-grading might result in an unchanged, higher, or lower grade than initially. After the independent re-grading, no further requests will be possible, and the updated grade will be considered as final. Please keep this risk in mind when deciding whether to request a re-grade.

Your request must be filed within a week from the receipt of the grade. For instance, if your complaint is about H1 grades, which were sent on Fri 28 Oct 2022, then you need to fill the form before Fri 4 Nov 2022, 23:59. Later requests cannot be considered.
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If you don't have an EPFL email address, please use the same address you used throughout the semester.
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Only relevant for team-based deliverables.
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Please specify in which subtasks you suspect a grading error to have occurred. Justify why you believe your solution was correct but not recognized as such.
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