Fuzion Bible Institute Application Form - 2021
Welcome to Fuzion Bible Institute. Please find our Catalogue/Prospectus 2021 attached here below for your perusal. You are welcome to visit our website at https://fuzionbibleinstitute.com

See our Catalogue/Prospectus 2021
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Do you have Prior Bible Training? If so, all credits of recognized Institutes, Bible Colleges, and Universities are fully transferrable to Fuzion Bible Institute. Send copies of all your transcripts and degrees to Fuzion. The Life Experience Credit (LEC) form must be completed to earn credits towards your degree. Where necessary, transcripts must be translated into English. *
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Share your PERSONAL TESTIMONY of how you came to know Jesus, and at what age did this occur. *
Share a TESTIMONY of how your life has changed at Fuzion during the previous year (if you were a Fuzion student)
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Account No. 62361248943
Branch No. 250655

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