Strategic Plan feedback
We have been reviewing our strategic plan this year and we would like you to comment on what you think we should be including in our priorities for the next 5 years. The 4 strategic priorities are based around the letters of the word WERO which means challenge. The letters of this word embody our shared values and priority areas: Whānau, Excellence, Respect and Ora.
We have taken our vision statement direct from the NZ curriculum. Is this vision easily understood?
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Our values come from our WERO framework. Do these values align with your expectation of the culture of Wellington High School?
Does not align with our expectation
Strongly aligns with our expectation
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As a member of the Wellington High School community what do you see as priorities for the school to consider over the next 5 years?
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Would you like to be involved in further consultation? If so, please add your email address below.
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