Rooted Ones Parent Authorization Form
You play a very important part in the success of our mentoring program. Please complete the following questions. This information will help us to properly match your child with a mentor.
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I have read and understand the information given to my child about Rooted Ones Mentor Program. I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in this program. I will assist my child in keeping all appointments with his mentor. I will attend all parent events and I agree to communicate with the Mentor Coordinator regarding any concerns I may have about my child’s participation in the Rooted Ones Mentor Program. I also understand that I will be given the opportunity to meet my child’s mentor. I also understand that my child will occasionally meet with his mentor at scheduled events held at the school or in the community. All meetings between my child and his mentor held outside of the school setting, and not supervised by the Mentor Coordinator, shall be arranged by my child, the mentor, and me and I take full responsibility for such meetings. *
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