Cologne international tournament 2012
As you hopefully know, WOC 2012 will be held November 7th to 10th (Wednesday evening to Saturday evening) in Leeuwarden in north of The Netherlands.

The German Othello Federation invites everyone, WOC participants and everyone else, to join a warm-up tournament the weekend before WOC (November 3/4) in Cologne.
We moved our annual international tournament to these dates because it seems to be an interesting opportunity having WOC so close.

We will have many German players and many international players, including several that will play both, WOC and Cologne international. According to the feedback I got so far, this is has a chance to become the biggest tournament in Europe this year (after WOC). That would mean to top the 35 players at the Stockholm EGP. Want to be a part of it?

Tournament information:
Friedensstraße 116 (Erdgeschoss)
51145 Köln
Club location of the chess club Porz
Corner Friedensstraße / Frankfurterstraße
Busstop: "Friedrich-Hirsch-Straße, Köln" is directly next to the location.
If you google for Friedensstraße 116 the result is a bit off. The
actual building is a bit west of it (the building at the corner to

Streetview: this is the correct house.,7.083859&spn=0.00177,0.004823&sll=50.092393,10.195313&sspn=22.782285,67.016602&layer=c&om=1&hnear=Friedensstra%C3%9Fe+116,+51145+K%C3%B6ln,+Nordrhein-Westfalen&t=h&z=18&cbll=50.876006,7.083859&panoid=WPfzB4PjgotyNuUuBGav0Q&cbp=12,354.41,,0,-4.15

The format will be like most European Grand Prix tournaments: Swiss system 11 rounds, 25 minutes/player.
7 rounds on Saturday and 4 rounds on Sunday with a best of three final on Sunday afternoon.
Entry fee is not decided yet. But I don't expect it to be more than 20 Euro (10 for students, beginners etc.) Which is about average fee for EGPs I believe.

Like every year we are likely to have some special events around the tournament. Usually we meet at Friday evening for dinner and some bowling / pool billiards and on Saturday evening we play some other games like board and card games.

Now that it is likely that many players will stay at the same city between the tournaments, we could try to arrange more stuff together, like some sightseeing tour etc.
My suggestion would be to leave Cologne on Tuesday (likely in the evening/afternoon) to arrive in Leeuwarden the day before the welcome reception. The German WOC team will go to Leeuwarden on Tuesday and come back on Sunday. If you are interested in a ride, let us know.

Travel information:

Leeuwarden <-> Amsterdam is about 150 km and 1h40 by car
Roughly the same goes for Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (AMS) which is the main international airport to travel to The Netherlands.

Leeuwarden <-> The Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ) is about 75 km and 1h by car. It is a small international airport, so there is a chance you can actually travel to that one.

Leeuwarden <-> Cologne is about 320 km and 3h15 by car. The airport Köln/Bonn (CGN) is very nearby, so roughly the same distance. It is about 4-4.5h by train for about 24 to 63 Euro.

Cologne <-> Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is about 180 km and 2h by car and only about 1h by fast train (ICE).

Cologne <-> Weeze Airport (NRN) is about 125 km and 1h25 by car. It is in the north, so kinda on the way to The Netherlands.

Leeuwarden <-> Weeze Airport (NRN) is about 230 km and 2h35 by car. It is mainly a Ryanair airport, so if you have Ryanair nearby, this might be a cheap way to fly in.

For Europeans the Cologne airport (especially with Germanwings) and the Weeze Airport (Ryanair) are somewhat cheap flights to cologne. From other continents you are more likely to fly to Frankfurt or maybe to Cologne with a stop in Frankfurt or Munich etc.

When it comes to travelling between cologne and leeuwarden and from/to airports, we rely a lot on information. There are several options that could keep the costs reasonable and the time spent interesting, but to explore these, we need to know well in advance who wants to come and would like help with the travel.

Some ideas:
* There will be most likely at least 4 german players going to Leeuwarden. Most of them could at least pass Cologne. If we are the only ones going that way, we are likely to just share one car from Cologne to Leeuwarden and back. But if many players care to get a ride, we might share a few cars. I could even rent a car if necessary. That would still be cheaper than going by train.

* I expect several dutch players to come. If there is enough interest they might also come with more cars than they'd actually need to give a ride to the NL. But likely they will not go directly from Cologne to Leeuwarden. Maybe could give a ride to Amsterdam if you cared for some sightseeing there etc.

* If there are really a lot of players agreeing on going the same day from Cologne to Leeuwarden (I could easily see 20 players being interested in that), we could consider renting a bus. That could make the travel quite cheap (20-30 Euro per person).

* We could also pick up a few players from Frankfurt or Weeze Airport, but that also depends a lot on how many are interested and on which dates.

I will try to work closely together with Jan C. de Graaf and the WOC team to make it possible for many players to attend both tournaments smoothly.

Accomodation information:
There are many hotels or bed&breakfast available. You can find a lot at
I selected a few of them and tried to list prices and some comments regarding the distance to the tournament location.
I do not really have a favorite yet, but it would be good if you tell me which one is interested and also if you find others that I have not listed to be interesting.
That way we might make it possible for several players to stay at the same location.$ja=tsid:32774|cgn:1|kw:18567|clkid:2l1q5iaoo.exq669.5xg
A&O Koeln Neumarkt
Mauritiuswall 66, Cologne, 50676
14.17 bed in dormitory (6 beds)
39.50 single room
54.50 double room
56.50 room for four
85.00 room for six
54.50 room for family 2 adults 2 kids
center of cologne, not very good connection to the tournament hotel.
about 1h including twice changing bus/train from tournament location
about 16.5km (15 minutes by car with good traffic)
Hotel Arcaden
51103 Köln
39 single room
59 double room
(including breakfast i believe)
Hotel is right next to where I live, so the main advantage for this
hotel would be that we can arrange the travel together.
German players have stayed there a few times, mostly liked it (just
complain about traffic noise when room was on road side).
very good connection to the center(s!) of cologne
decent connection to tournament hotel (about 30 minutes, 3 train
stops, 5 min bus)
if we get several players to book at once, we might get the price down
by (maybe) 5 euro.
ibis budget Koeln Messe
Brügelmannstrasse 7
38.00 double room w/o breakfast (noncancellable, non-refundable)
45.00 double room w/o breakfast
not near the tournament location, but between the center and the
tournament location
standard: french bed (not splitable)
twin: seperate beds

Boarding House
Gummersbacherstr. 2, 50679, Köln - Deutz
40.00 double room (mostly seperateable beds)
27.00 single room
no breakfast availabe
seems to be lower quality, but has a better connection to the
tournament location (same station I am going to use).

ibis Koeln Airport
Alter Deutzer Postweg 95, 51149 - Köln
47.20 double room (if you stay 2 nights its this price because you get
15-20% off)
one train stop from the airport. to tourney location you would need 2
stops + 5 min bus.

Ibis Budget Köln Porz (formerly known as ETAP HOTEL)
Alter Deutzer Postweg 100, 51149, Köln - Porz;jsessionid=353A4B9200E710F4345A77CC2EED3B23.42-2?detailsEntry=hotelDetails1&hotelnumber=46463&activity=photo&availabilityJS=&hotelDataType.offer=Preise+%26+Angebote&[0].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[0].accomodation=1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[1].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[1].accomodation=1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[2].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[2].accomodation=1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[3].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[3].accomodation=1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[4].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[4].accomodation=1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[5].age=-1&searchBookingForm.childAccomodations[5].accomodation=1
49,00 EUR double room (+6 for breakfast)
same location as the above
very near airport
was suggested by the chess club that offered the tournament location.
prices seem to be a bit higher. need to ask the prices for the dates.

I am looking forward to two great tournaments in November this year. Hope to see many of you guys.
Matthias Berg
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