The Casper Star-Tribune's 2020 Legislative Session Survey (Public Version)
Hello there!

Every year, the Casper Star-Tribune puts out a legislative guide that will be scattered around the Capitol during the session. Typically, these special editions include everything the public needs to navigate the legislative process, understand key issues, and develop as complete an understanding of Cheyenne as possible. Usually, reporters at the newspaper have accomplished this by talking to lawmakers and lobbyists we know tend to make a difference, basing our coverage largely on what we see and hear in meetings and from reading bills

But this year, I want to try a different approach.

As part of the Star-Tribune's advance coverage of the 2020 Legislative Session, I was looking to build an accurate picture of the state's priorities by going directly to you -- the reader -- to learn what issues are most important to you. This concept is based off of something known in journalism as the "Citizen's Agenda" approach to political reporting -- i.e. when voters and taxpayers have a direct role in the types of things that get covered. These responses will be used to help guide and inform my coverage not only in my legislative preview, but throughout the session as well. (I have sent a similar version of this survey to every lawmaker and lobbyist in the state with different questions.)

All answers will be kept anonymous, but could potentially be used in aggregate to demonstrate trends between regions, age groups, and political parties. I will be turning off responses to this form on the morning of Friday, Jan. 17, after which, I will publish the results.

Thanks everyone!

--Nick Reynolds
State Politics Reporter, Casper Star-Tribune
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