STARFLEET Petfleet Liaison

The STARFLEET Petfleet (SFPet) Liaison is any member from the twenty regions of STARFLEET that has a passion for Star Trek and their furry companions. The individuals who are wanting to be a SFPet Liaison must be a STARFLEET Member in good standing and be a member in the region they are representing. SFPet Liaisons are chosen by each Regional Coordinator with the assistance from the Assistant STARFLEET Petfleet Director.

The SFPet Liaison is someone who connects their region and chapters by providing a line of communication that flows in both directions.

Petfleet Liaisons can

● Connect people – SFPet Liaisons maintain communication lines and relationships between individuals and the departments within SFPet.
● Manage relationships – SFPet Liaisons collaborate with different departments on a regional level and manage professional relationships to help SFPet meet its goals.
● Transfer knowledge – SFPet Liaisons transfer knowledge from the SFPet command staff to the regions. They also will field questions back to the SFPet Command staff for answers.
● Coordinate activities – SFPet Liaisons can coordinate activities between their region and SFPet.

Skills Needed
Communication, Problem-solving, Self-motivation, Public-speaking skills, Organization, Conflict resolution.

Training Requirements 
Must have taken and passed the STARFLEET SFDPP course from STAFLEET Educational Services.

Age Requirements 
18 or older

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