Creating A Cleaner Community: A program from the Church Ave. BID & Flatbush Ave. BID
Please fill out this survey to share your ideas about what we can do to make Flatbush cleaner, prettier, and healthier for residents, workers, and visitors.
This initiative is supported by the NYC Department of Small Business Services.
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1. Do you live in an apartment building or house? *
2. Does your building or block have an organization?  We're seeking Flatbush residents & neighborhood organizations that might be interested in partnering with us on neighborhood beautification activities (please check all that apply).
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3. If you answered "yes" to any of the items in question 2, can you provide contact information for someone at that group? 
4. Do you have any sanitation or beautification complaints? Please share!
5. Animal waste! If there are certain blocks where you've noticed a lot of dog waste, please let us know which block(s), including which side of the street (are the addresses odd or even?). 
6. What are YOUR ideas that could make your block or the community cleaner, greener, and more attractive?
7. Has someone in Flatbush gone out of their way to clean or beautify the community? A building super? A local business? Your neighbor? Let us know!
(Photo of local resident Glen P.'s mural painted by members of the community)
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8. Are you interested in volunteering? Volunteer responsibilities could include participating in community clean-up days, sharing sanitation information in your building, helping us plan beautification projects, etc. 

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9. Your name *
10. Your address *
11. Your email address (required to be added to our community list, volunteer, or to get neighborhood updates)
12. Your mobile number
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