Kariton Boutique Application Form
Boutique Submission Requirements
• All exhibiting artists must be a member in good standing with the Abbotsford Arts Council. Individual membership is $30 per year, and group membership is $50 per year. Even if there is a group membership in place, each individual member who has items for sale in the boutique must also have an individual membership. Payment is not due until after acceptance, membership is not required to apply.

• All items must be original and made by the applicant. No kit crafts, items purchased and assembled, imported crafts, or items crafted by someone other than the applicant will be accepted. ..

• The AAC will contact the artist with regard to acceptance and directions on submission pick up/inventory drop off if, which will occur by appointment.

• The gallery will receive a 30% commission of goods sold; the artist will receive 70% of the sale.
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Boutique submissions will be juried and accepted on an ongoing basis.

Requirements specific to the Boutique:

• Recurring boutique artists need only apply with application: samples are not required unless requested by the jury or the work has changed medium or style.

• Samples will not be held indefinitely. Items not picked up by the removal date will be considered donations to the AAC.

• Accepted work is placed on consignment for 6 months

• Artwork drop offs, removals, and refreshes to be done by appointment only

I confirm that this application does not include: kit crafts, items purchased and assembled, imported crafts, or items crafted by someone other than the applicant. *
I understand that by submitting this form I give the Abbotsford Arts Council permission to use information for office and promotional purposes. *
I understand if accepted I will need to purchase an AAC membership for a cost of $30. *
I understand that the gallery will receive a 30% commission of the artwork sold *
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