Spreading my wings in 2015

Welcome, and congratulations for wanting to spread your wings in your business. This year's application process is quite robust and is for the really serious people. Please, do not apply if you are not able and willing to work on your business. If you are a new or about to start business please contact me before applying (admin[at]thehandmadebusinessmentor[dot]com).

This application form is the first step in your application to work with Samantha, The Handmade Business Mentor.

Round 1 consists of this application form (and fee) where you will be asked some questions about you, your business and your vision. Yes there is a $49 application fee, this equates to 3 months membership in The Network.

Round 2 consists of your vision board. You can create this as a hard copy board, electronic collage, even video. All vision boards are to be shared in the Business Zone Facebook Group. All valid applications that have paid the application fee will receive membership in The Handmade Business Network for 3 months. The first 5 applicants will receive a special gift bonus to help you plan the year ahead. (Please make sure you have your postal address in the application form).

Round 3 consists of an interview with Samantha. This interview will be about determining your suitability and fit for individual coaching with Samantha. One person from Round 3 will be offered a one on one coaching package with Samantha. Samantha has a wealth of business and sales experience at her disposal and has developed a style of coaching that will enrich both your business and person. Coaching with Samantha is a marathon and not a sprint, it is consistent work week in and week out. The retail value of this coaching packing is $3900 and as there is not other way to be coached by Samantha at this time the value is priceless.

This application process has been designed so that even if you aren't successful in receiving the coaching package with Samantha, you have in fact done some amazing work for you and your business. Your 3 month membership within The Network will give you a chance to connect with other people in business in a safe and secure environment. You will receive our Network rules for you to agree to prior to you being given access. Please understand that these rules are for your protection as much as they are for the community.

Your responses are completely confidential and will be used for the express purpose of administering your application and assessing your suitability to progress to the final round of applications. Good luck to you and your business.