Nominations for Leadership Awards 2017-18
Each year Augustana recognizes 3rd or 4th year students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to fellow students and to the Augustana community. Nominations are accepted from faculty, staff and students.

You are invited by the Selection Committee to submit nominations of students you think deserve to be honoured by Tuesday, March 13, 2018. You may nominate more than one person, but please fill out a separate form for each one.

The awards celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Onesimus Award
The Onesimus Award is presented to a select group of third and fourth year students in recognition of their significant contribution to the welfare of Augustana. The award takes its namesake from the servant of the Apostle Paul and Philemon.

In a letter to Philemon, Paul says that Onesimus is his "very heart." At the "very heart" of Augustana's life are those persons who freely offer their time, energy and talents in service to this community. This award is given to students selected by faculty, staff, and students, who have exemplified faithful, dedicated service to the well-being of Augustana. A student may only receive the Onesimus Award once, although former Onesimus Award recipients are recognized at the annual Student Leadership Reception.

Augustana Leadership Award
The Augustana Leadership Award was created in 2013 to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding dedication and leadership to fellow students and to their community through involvement in student government, student associations, clubs, and/or organizations. Recipients of this award receive a certificate along with a $500.00 award from the Augustana Students’ Association.

Roger Epp Award
The Roger Epp award was created in 2011 in appreciation of Roger's commitment to service in the Camrose and campus communities. The award was developed to recognize students that have both contributed to the development of the campus community as well as stepped off-campus to become involved in community initiatives and programs. Students receiving this award are known for their active and ongoing volunteering or leadership within community-based organizations.

Mark Chytracek Leadership Award
The Mark Chytracek Award was created in 2016 in honour of Mark's long time service to Augustana and his un-wavering support for students and student leadership development. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership, service and overall investment in the life of Augustana Campus and/or the broader civic community, and academic standing.

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