Access to GRADE-CERQual dropbox - Resources for users
In the CERQual Open Resource dropbox folder, you will see that there are 5 subfolders:

- CERQual overview slides: this is the latest version of the set of slides explaining the CERQual approach

- Spreadsheets for CERQual assessments: Meghan Bohren has created some very useful spreadsheets for organizing data to make a CERQual assessment and create a Summary of Qualitative Findings Table. These spreadsheets and example tables are included here, with some instructions

- Standard methods text: this is text that can be used in a protocol or review to describe the CERQual approach

- Terms for describing CERQual assessments: this is empty at present as we still finalise the document. I will let you know when we have something to share!

- Using quali evidence in guidelines: this includes a pre-publication copy of a chapter that will be part of the WHO Guidelines Review Committee Handbook – supplementary materials.

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