Post Tournament Survey!
We hope you had a great experience at our Parli tournament! Please leave honest and constructive feedback so that the NYPDL can improve your experience at future tournaments.
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If you were a novice at the tournament what suggestions would you give to improve the novice division at future tournaments.
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What did you think of the motions? *
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Extremely high quality
Any specific comments on the motions?
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Did you think the tournament was run in an efficient and timely manner? *
Poorly run, everything was late
Everything was on time and efficient
Any specific comments on the timeliness of the tournament?
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Were the equity policies clearly explained and did they meet your expectations?
It was not explained or poorly enforced
Everything met my expectations
Any specific comments on the equity policies?
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Were judging decisions thoroughly explained through an RFD?
My judge's RFD was not clear
My judge's RFD was clear and I understood how to improve
Any specific comments on RFD's or judging decisions?
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Were you satisfied with the food options provided at the tournament?
Not at all
Food / Snack Suggestions:
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Are there specific items of merch you would like to see? Be as specific as you'd like!
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