2018 Holiday Challenge Team Roster
To create your team roster, please enter each member of your team. You can resubmit your team roster if you need to add or remove members of your team.

Please note that when you resubmit your roster, you must include the name and Wakaya ID for every person in your team again. Leave off members who are no longer part of your team. Resubmitted rosters will overwrite previously submitted rosters.

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Captain Info
Enter this info each time you add, or resubmit a team member. Please make sure THE EXACT same Team Name, Captain's ID, and Team Look Up Code are entered each time.
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Be sure to ENTER THE EXACT SAME NAME each time you complete this form. Failure to enter the EXACT SAME name will create a new team and slow the processing of this roster.
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This code will allow you to view your teams Check Ins and Challenge points. WRITE THE CODE DOWN so you don't forget what it is.
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Team Member Info
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Select the team member position. If you need to replace this member, resubmit this form with the new team member and the corresponding team member position.
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All members of your team must individually signup for the 2018 Holiday BulaFIT Challenge in order to be a member of your team. Members will not show up on your roster if they have not yet completed the signup form. *
As a Team Captain you will be expected to initiate daily team communication, hold a weekly team call, attend the Monday Captain's Call, and continue to do this during the full Challenge. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to provide this support. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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