Visualisation Diagrams
A visualisation diagram is a sketch with annotations which shows what a product will look like.
At what stage of the production process should a visualisation diagram be produced?
1 point
Identify the correct audience(s) for visualisation diagrams from this list
2 points
Correct audience
The general public
The project manager
The target audience
The client
Which of these should NOT be included on a visualisation diagram?
1 point
What is the purpose of using annotations on a visualisation diagram?
1 point
One way to get a physical pencil and paper visualisation diagram on to a computer is to:
1 point
Which of these pieces of hardware would be most useful to help produce a digital visualisation diagram for a magazine advert?
1 point
Why does a graphic designer need to use a visualisation diagram?
1 point
Why would the client be shown a visualisation diagram?
2 points
Good reason
Not a good reason
So that they can choose between different design ideas
To let them plan how to advertise the product
So that they can come up with design ideas for the design team to use
To check that the design ideas that the design team have come up with are acceptable
To help the designers produce the final product
So that they know what the project is about
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