Questionnaire for WEInspire Awards-2018
We are glad to present WEInspire Awards for ThinkBig, 2018.

WE Inspire Award-
The Award will recognize the most inspiring Women’s Business Enterprise in the WEConnect International- India network by evaluating the Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) on the following criteria:

a) Must be a current WEConnect International certified WBE registered in India;
b) Have proven success in business and be known for high integrity in her industry/community;
c) Have demonstrated engagement with WEConnect International corporate members in-country and/or globally, attendance at matchmaking and/or meet the member events, and/or engagement with other WBEs/WOBs in the WEConnect International network;
d) Have demonstrated potential for growth over the next several years;
e) Have demonstrated mentorship/guidance of other Women Owned Businesses (WoBs), provides support or connections to fellow business owners; and/or
f) Have demonstrated social impact initiative or give-back program/efforts in the community

We would request each WEConnect International Certified WBE to nominate herself for the above award categories by answering the questions for the respective award category.

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