Celebrating World Entrepreneurs' Day!
Ubuntu hub seeks to bring together young entrepreneurs and leaders, to interact and grow. To Create a space where Young People With a common goal can meet and interact as we embark on this Journey Together. Our aim is to encourage youth from the small scale business owners to the large scale business owners that they are all important and all play a vital role in day to day life. We aim to create a network of transformative leaders and entrepreneurs in our businesses as well as NGOs / CBOS. In the end, as it is with the philosophy of Ubuntu, we will leave no one behind.
- A Hub For Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders. -
Event Date; 21st August 2019
Event Location - Wangari Maathai Institute For Peace and Environmental Studies.
Event Time; 10.am to 4.pm
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Commitment fee 400 ksh to 0798 568 447 or at the event.
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