Desert United Scholarship Application
The Desert United Soccer Club is a 501c3 organization located in the city of Palm Desert, California. Founded in 1998, the club is a member of the California Youth Soccer Association. The club currently is comprised of 12 teams, of which four compete at the Gold level. All teams participate in the Coast Soccer League gaming circuit and call the Palm Desert Soccer Park their home field.

Scholarships do NOT cover or include registration fees of any kind. Scholarships will reduce the cost of training fees.

While scholarships offered may vary, a typical scholarship awarded by the Board of the Desert United School Club is considered a 2/3 scholarship. Once the Board has approved and awarded a scholarship, the team administrator will write a check for the full amount of the first installment of training fees and submit it to the club treasurer.

The requesting family will submit payment of $25.00 per month to the team until this first installment has been repaid in full to the team. The second and third installment of training fees will be covered by the scholarship and not the responsibility or liability of the individual team or family.

Desert United Soccer Club
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