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IMPACT Facebook Group
This online community provides INVALUABLE support - from me, my program Coaches and your fellow program participants.

If you don't use Facebook, I recommend you create a FB profile just for the Program...don't tell anyone, don't add friends and then you don't have to worry about the social media rabbit hole! Delete the account after the program ends and no one else has to know! =)

If you choose to not join the Private FB Group, please make peace with missing out on the resources and support others will receive from their participation...joining the FB group is the only way to get this benefit.

The FB Group is Private and only open to Program Members, so we need the info below to add you. You will not be added to the group unless this form is completed.
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We need your exact "Facebook Profile" url address to match you into the private Facebook group. (Example: Christie's is *
We cannot find you using the newsfeed view you see upon log in!!! We need the 'PROFILE' view other people see. Where to find it? MOBILE: Click on Menu (3 lines) on bottom right, then click on your Profile Name & Picture), then copy/ paste address bar. DESKTOP: Click on your Name & Picture on top right, then copy / paste address bar. This helps if you change your profile name later in the program so you don't get accidentally booted from the FB group.
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Log in to your Facebook Account and click: (Please note that if you are in the Private Facebook Group, your friends cannot see what you post. So please consider joining even if you have some weird issue with joining Facebook. Past participants have joined Facebook just to get the teachings from me and my team. I have had past participants tell me it was the best thing they ever did...and they cleared their resistance.) What would it take?
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