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As a community of members serving where needed most, athletes in pursuit of their best, and health professionals working to change the status quo- we believe- that a HEALTHY COMMUNITY is "not merely the absence of disease." As BaseCamp members we pursue opportunities to help others thrive. Through trust-filled partnerships, we identify areas of need, facilitate support, and invest in the future of others. Whether it be through BaseCamp Service Corp, BaseCamp Athletic Clubs, or through the Professional Network, we invite you to join us as we promote a people-centered health hub in an environment that promotes active lifestyle, service above self and facilitates genuine relationships through shared experiences.

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Can you Volunteer to help Seniors in NJ find COVID Vaccines Appointments? (CURRENT INITIATIVE IN PROGRESS.) *
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Do you have suggestions about an "area of focus" that would be well served by the BaseCamp Service Corps in working towards building a healthier community? Please feel free to share your ideas and contact information as we strive to break down barriers in all areas of "health" including physical, social, emotional, mental, and financial well being.
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BaseCamp Service Corp Thanksgiving Food Drive 2020
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