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Committees oversee the many missions and events of East Dallas Christian Church. These groups provide the leadership that keep our church engaged and active in the work of God. How can you help? Take a look at the committees below. What would you be interested in helping with? We understand that time is often short, but do not fear, even a small dedication of time to being a voice in the planning process can make a big impact! All meetings will be digital for the foreseeable future. In person meetings will be reevaluated as circumstances hopefully improve, but committees will be encourage to include ways for people to continue to attend digitally even in the future.
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Children & Youth
Church Life
Disciples Men
Disciples Women
New Connections
Revenue Growth
Short Descriptions of Committees
Children and Youth - Meets roughly quarterly to support and guide Pastor Allison in various aspects of our Children and Youth Ministries. Occasional opportunities for teaching or special events (Advent Workshop, Pageant, VBS).

Church Life - Meets semi-monthly to plan church-wide events such as online Pictionary, Parking Lot Bingo, and the Church Picnic. Various temporary sub-committees for specific events.

Disciples Men - Meets for monthly fellowship opportunities and organizes yearly Chili Cook-Off.

Disciples Women - Meets monthly for fellowship opportunities and outreach. Organizes the yearly Christmas Party.

Finance - Meets as needed to support and maintain the church finances. Plans Stewardship season in the fall.

Music - Meets quarterly to assist and support Keith in various aspects of our Music Ministry.

New Connections - Meets as needed to maintain the outward face of the congregation and reach our neighborhood. Recently very focused on the media branding and presence of the church on social media.

Outreach - Meets quarterly to assist Janie in developing and organizing the various outreach opportunities for our church including but not limited to: Community Carnival, Easter Egg Hunt, donation drives, and more.

Property - Meets as needed to support and guide church staff on maintaining and improving our building.

Revenue Growth - Works to develop new ways to utilize our building through rental agreements. Main focus in seeking out new building partners and approving their usage.

Worship - Meets as needed to assist Deborah, Allison, and Keith in worship planning.

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