Math Club Executive Selection
If you want to be considered for an executive position in next year's math club, please take time and fill this form. We will contact you by the end of June to notify you of the results. Below are some notes that you should know before applying as an executive.

Math Club has a flat hierarchy. There are no presidents, no vice-presidents, no secretaries, etc. Everyone is an executive, meaning that every person is responsible for the same tasks across the club.

In Math Club, you are responsible for teaching math concepts to the members. This could be through presentations and slide shows, classical ways of teaching, or even fun activities that you could do with your members. While we don’t expect great expertise in teaching, a successful candidate should be a skilled communicator and willing and eager to further hone communication skills.

At Math Club, we prepare our members for various mathematic contests. As an executive, one of your responsibilities is to take up questions from previous years and discuss them with the members. While we don’t expect our executives to know all about mathematics, good math background with a great deal of enthusiasm for learning math is an asset.

Lastly, we welcome executives from all grades. We do not intend the Math Club to be a place for only senior students who talk about calculus all day long. We aim to cover topics that are understandable for all grades. Your presence as a junior student is more than welcomed.

You can check the club's website for more info about what we do:

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