Application for Volunteer Position on the Springfield School Budget Committee
The budget committee is a wonderful way to understand the structure of your school district in a much deeper way and to have your voice be heard on how money should be spent for the 2022-2023 school year.

For many years, the Springfield School District Board of Directors has sought out community members to serve on a citizens' budget committee. The role of the committee is to provide the board with another set of eyes to consider spending choices.

The work of the committee begins on September 29th with an orientation provided by the district's Chief Financial Officer and the Superintendent. Committee members are then expected to attend portions of board meetings in October and November that explain the current structure of school budgets and the Vermont state education funding system. In November and December, committee members meet with school principal and district department heads to explore their budget proposals. In December, committee members report out to the school board on their recommendations. In January, members continue to attend budget sessions of the school board until a budget number is finalized for the town meeting ballot. In February, committee members typical attend at least one information night for the public. Then committee members would be expected to attend the Town Meeting Information night on February 28th.

To show your interest in serving, please complete the following form by no later than September 19th. The board will consider nominations at their meeting on September 20th.

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