Student Survey
This survey is meant to get your opinion on whether Hillview Middle School should start and end 35 minutes later on block days. The proposal is to push out the start time from 8:25 AM to 9:00 AM. As such the end time for all 5 days then would be 3:05 PM. We will work with SamTrans to align to the school schedule too.

There is a lot of research that shows starting school later can help a student with the following:
- It can help with schoolwork by making the child more alert and awake during class
- Studies show that a host of adolescent mental-health issues are related to insufficient sleep.
- It has been proven to help with diseases like diabetes, obesity, and even the common cold.
- Starting school later gave students time to eat a healthy breakfast.
- If we were to make this change, we will work with SamTrans and the organizers of the Bank Hang to make sure that they adapt with the schedule

20% of the schools in the US have start times that have been extended to after 8:30. This number is fast increasing. The schools that have made this change have reported benefits like having less tardies, because students have more time to get ready in the morning. They have also reported that there are less late or incomplete assignments turned in because if a student forgot to complete an assignment in the evening, they can complete it in the morning.
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