JBF Tulsa VIP Tagging - Spring Items
Do you have more stuff than time? Our VIP Tagging program may be the perfect option for you! And our Spring Sale is March 3-9 so let's get started today!
Give us your information and we will send you info about the Tagging Program so we can set you up with a mom tagger.
Space is limited and will fill up fast! This program helps you make a little money on items you sell and a tagging mom makes money by helping you!
You will work directly with your tagging momma, as JBF Tulsa is only the contact place.
Visit tulsa.jbfsale.com to learn about tagging your own items if VIP tagging is not for you.
Be sure at least 80% of your items are name brand (less than 20% from Walmart/Target).
Once this form is received you will be notified by Shelly with more information. Or you can email shelly@jbfsale.com.

Avoid the RUSH phase of tagging (the month of drop off). We will only be able to accept your BEST 100 items in the RUSH phase. (Baby Equipment does not count towards the 100 items) There will be an additional $20 RUSH fee charged to each consignor who drops off after Feb 1st. Acceptance of VIP Consignors is based on current Taggers availability. Please fill out the following form to get started.

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Enter FB code for Savings on your VIP Tagging Request? Don't have one? Skip Question.
We sometimes have FB specials running for our consignors.
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How many items do you need tagged? Approximate amount is okay. *
Items should be Spring/Summer themed or Uniforms of all seasons. Toys and baby items must be clean, having working batteries and organized neatly in sturdy boxes. No stained clothing of any kind or there will be a charge for sorting.
What type of items do you need tagged? (Be sure they are all Spring/Summer items) *
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Brand name clothing is best for VIP tagged consignors. What percent of your clothing is brand named? *
These are some of the brands we love to tag come from Boutique baby stores. Brands such as: Gymboree, Baby Gap, Gap Kids, Matilda Jane, Vineyard Vines, Kicky Pants, Crew Cuts, Baby Nay, Baby LuLu, etc...
If you have participated in this program before and would like to request your previous tagger, please fill out the name below.
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