Trial Version with Demo Project Infinity SCADA
For limited access and review of the SCADA Infinity basic features, the free trial software version is provided at no charge.

The trial version is time limited and includes the following main components:
• I/O server – InfinityServer
• Vizualization–InfinityHMI
• Display of messages about alarms and events –InfinityAlarms
• Server of history data– InfinityHistoryServer
• System of reports generation – InfinityReports
• Building trends, plots, tables – InfinityTrends
• Manuals for all SCADAInfinity components

In order to conduct full-featured internal testing, we recommend you to apply for a temporary license to obtain the full version of SCADA Infinity:
• E-mail:
• Phone: +7 (3822) 601-012, 601-055

After checking Your application by our Manager, you will be sent a link to download the demo version.
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