2019 Spirit of Baseball Camp Registration
Please pre-register your child's attendance at this year's Spirit of Baseball Camp on March 23, 2019 so that we may adequately prepare for our event. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you and your child on camp day!
Child's Name: (Last, First)
Child's Age:
Child's Current Grade in School:
Parent Name: (Last, First)
Phone Number on which you can be reached during camp:
Email address:
Does your child have any allergies or medical concerns we should be aware of today?
If you would like to list a second contact in case of emergency, please list name and phone number here.
Insurance Coverage: Is your child covered by insurance?
Insurance Coverage: What is your insurance company and Policy Number?
Disclaimer: My child/ward has permission to participate in the 2018 Spirit of Baseball Clinic. I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would affect or be effected by my child/ward's participation in the Clinic. In the event of any emergency for which my child/warn requires medical attention, I authorize the staff of the clinic to obtain for whatever treatment the staff, in its best judgment, deems necessary and appropriate. I specifically consent to such medical treatment and will be responsible for medical charges in connection with his/her participation in the clinic. I specifically agree to waive and release the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), its employees, officers, or agents from liability or any claim for damages which I or my child/ward has or may have against any facility, its owner/operator, program coordinator, coaches, or any other volunteer who participated in the Clinic. At times FCA will take pictures or interview participants at Clinics and Ministry activities to share with the community as a way to promote the ministry. By indicating below, I give FCA the right to use a photo, electronic image or written representation of my child/ward in future promotional needs that would promote FCA ministry.
Bus Waiver- required if riding the bus to and from Spirit of Baseball Camp. I give permission for my child/ward to be picked up and returned to the same stop by the Spirit of Baseball Camp volunteer buses. In case of injury I also give permission for a Spirit of Baseball volunteer to escort my child for medication assistance, based upon their on-site decision. I understand fully that my child must obey all rules and regulations that are shared with the driver while on the bus.
If answer to question above is yes, please check which bus stop you will be using.
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