Welcome to join Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training online!
Next modules that where meant to be held in Sweden are now held Zoom. To be able to participate you need
a computer or a tablet with internet connection. Zoom is easy to use and also enables working with assignments in smaller groups.

Foundation of Kundalini Yoga Therapy
with Camilla Lund Elander

An introduction to Kundalini Yoga Therapy for you that have not done Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training module one as a preparation for joining the other modules and for anyone that have deeper knowledge in kundalini yoga that would like to know more about the applications of Yoga Therapy. We look at the meridian system and the practice of Chinese medicine and how one can apply this knowledge to yoga and yoga therapy.

Sunday 31 of May: 09.00-16.00
Price: 500 sek


Module 2, 2020
Subtle bodies and Spheres of Light

Dates: 2-7 of June

Principles of Ayurveda, the Elements and the Doshas.
Psychological and physical profiles of the Doshas.
Chakras, their physiological, emotional and psychological correlates.
Asanas and their effect on the Chakras.
Kundalini Kriya Analysis.
Numerology and the 10 bodies divination and diagnosis.
The 10 body model: Description. How they function in health and disharmony.
Energy healing: hands on and hands off. Developing your relationship with Shunia, the sacred space of healing

Online price: 7500 sek ( onsite courses 10600 sek). Booking before 15 of maj: 7000 sek.
To be paid 7 days after booking.

Module 3, 2020

Dates: 25-30 of August.

Vision of the twisted hair


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Amma/ Dampness/Phlegm
High and Low Blood Pressure

*This is Module 3 of 7. Each module is complete so that you can attend them in any order you choose.

Deepen your understanding of Kundalini Yoga.


The series is designed for yoga teachers from all traditions, alternative therapists, counselors, energy healers, paramedics, medical personnel and anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of Kundalini Yoga more deeply.

Attendance to the modules is open and can be completed in any order, but in order to be admitted to the full program and receive certification, students must have a 200-hour teaching certificate, at least one year of yoga practice and at least one year of teaching experience.

Where: Online - on Zoom.

Price: 7500 sek. With Early bird discount booking before  15 of June:  7000 sek including VAT.

If you are repeating a model price: 3500 sek per the above online module.

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