SL18B Performer Application
One of the things that makes Second Life so vibrant and exciting is the wide range of Performers who share their talent with our Residents. Are you a DJ who can spin up a great party set? Maybe you’re a Live Musician who plays an instrument or sings! You might be one of the grid’s amazing Dance companies, or perhaps you’re a Particle Performer! Whatever your medium, we would love to hear from you. Fill out this application and tell us a little about how you roll, and one of our Event Staff Leaders will contact you soon.
Performance Policies
SET-UP WINDOW: Setting up for your show is time sensitive. We require that you show up an hour in advance of your performance time in order to make sure everything is working and ready for you to go on. This is for your benefit as well as the other performers, the stage crew and the audience. You will receive a one hour slot. This time slot includes your set up time. It is recommended that you do as much set up as possible off-site in order to facilitate a seamless start for your performance. Once your allotted time slot starts, the clock is ticking. It is important that you start and end on time otherwise it is unfair to the performer after you.

PROPS LIMIT: There is a 350LI allowance for props and rezzable items for DJ and live music shows. The SL18B Community Celebration is not a place to bring your entire region, club or venue to show. Laggy, prim-laden displays do not do justice to your performance time, the audience, or the event. We do our best to provide versatile stages, but they may be unable to accommodate every setup. If your show and props exceed your 350LI allowance, you will need to create an abbreviated version of your show for this event.

A DJ set-up is allowed (spin table, speakers, small light emitters/effects). Please do not bring a giant framed set to be rezzed that covers the stage, its floor or the backdrop. Our builders worked hard to create a stage for all performers and in keeping with the spirit of their vision we want to respect the space and their creation. Your DJ set-up should not be an entire stage unto itself.

If you are a dance troupe or other performing group who needs to have a stage especially designed for your show, then you will have the possibility of up to 1000LI as deemed appropriate by the Mole Coordinators. It is still important to take into consideration the resources an overly elaborate stage and just plan carefully.

PAYMENT and TIP JARS: DJs, live artists and people performing on the designated events stages are permitted to rez ONE low-prim tip jar in the area directed by the stage manager. Simple tip jars ARE ALLOWED. They should not contain listening, spamming or excessive scripts. Simple Group Joiners are also allowed. Donation kiosks will not be allowed.

STREAM: The use of the SL18B provided stream will be required.

RATING: The SL18B Community Celebration is a G-rated event. This means song lyrics as well as attire. It is a good policy to always use the “clean” versions of songs that are questionable. The stream will be cut if you do not heed the warning of the Stage Manager that the lyrics are not G-rated.

Submission of the application and acceptance of event rules is the responsibility of the performer and may not be done by a third party.

Please do not include any personal information beyond what is asked for on this form.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and guidelines, and thank you for being a part of the SL18B Community Celebration and Second Life®.
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