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Generation Green aims to serve as a liaison and conduit. By building relationships with organizers and communities, we are able to assess community/movement resources and needs to mobilize and amplify Black voices and solutions.

We are youth-led, intergenerational community of Black environmentalists weaving together all facets of Black life and liberation through an environmental/climate justice lens. We will expand our work to the greater African diaspora to educate, advocate, lobby, organize, and engage community. We strive to expand the connectivity of the Black environmental movement and space. Our work will dismantle the illusions that dissociate Black people with environmentalism. Thus, creating a safe space to center Black experiences, healing, and survival. In advocating for holistic justice, we must redirect facets of oppressive systems to community efforts. This starts with uplift Black voices and solutions--particularly those that are youth-led/driven.

Tribes are our version of hubs or chapters. We do not operate from an extractive lens. We seek to strengthen the connectivity of the Black environmental movement.

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