The Center Project's BRITE Request Form
Thank you for your interest in learning more about LGBTQIA+ experiences and identities! Tell us what you're looking for and one of our volunteers will get be in touch soon to get a training scheduled.

Our standard BRITE training covers:
- Myths and facts related to biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality
- Transgender and non-binary gender identities
- Importance of gender neutral / gender-inclusive language
- How to use gender neutral pronouns
- How to respond when you misgender someone
- How to support someone when they come out
- How to create LGBTQ-affirming and inclusive spaces
*Parts of our BRITE training can be tailored to meet specific needs of your organization*

Please try to allow at least 4 weeks between your request and the training date to give us time to get our volunteer educators scheduled. **WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR TRAININGS IN DECEMBER 2021**
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