Quiz - e-cigarettes and harm reduction
A quiz with no winners, no prizes and no easy answers
Prepared by Clive Bates
1. If you had a close relative who was a 20-day smoker, what advice would you give them about e-cigarettes? *
2. If you could choose between two theoretical outcomes for your community by 2020 what would you prefer: *
Would you prefer a world with half the smoking but twice the nicotine use?
3. If you could halve the level of smoking from 20% to 10% how much vaping (% adults) would be worth accepting as a consequence? *
4. What are the arguments for and against a Marlboro branded e-cigarette - how should the issue be approached? *
Select no more than two
5. How would you know when e-cigarettes were acting as a gateway to smoking for young people? *
Select correct statements
6. Who should determine where people can use e-cigarettes using what criteria? *
7. Should e-cigarettes be made more addictive? *
8. Big Tobacco is moving in to e-cigarettes - it is probably inevitable but is it good or bad for public health? *
Select the one that most closely reflects your view
9. Your mother is 85 and gave up smoking 30 years ago, but says she enjoyed it and still misses it. She tells you she's thinking of trying an e-cigarette. How do you react? *
Here is an advert for an e-cigarette brand
10. Do you approve of this sort of advertising? *
Select the one that most closely reflects your view
11. The European Union ban on oral tobacco (snus)... *
12. If I was in charge... *
13. Compared to smoking cigarettes, would you say that electronic cigarettes are… *
This reproduces a HINTS survey question
14. If giving people truthful non-misleading information about relative risks was found to increase smokeless tobacco use and leave all other tobacco use unchanged...
If people believe products are more risky than they are, then truthful information may increase use
15. Suppose a new low-risk nicotine product has the effect of reducing adult smoking by 10 persons in a representative group. I would be opposed to its introduction if it: *
16. If you were pressed to give a quantification of the comparative risk of vaping and smoking, would you say... *
17. In terms of drug (not smoking) harms, if caffeine is 1 and alcohol 5, where do you place nicotine? *
Like caffeine
Much worse than alcohol
18. What is the most appropriate 'endgame' objective? *
Please reflect on possible trade offs between objectives
19. If nicotine could be taken without most of the health risk, the personal cost would go down and demand would go up. *
20. What do you think of "heat-not-burn" heated tobacco products? *
Products are likely to create toxic exposure at least 90% lower than smoking but higher than vaping.
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